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  • Tuscaloosa, AL Wood Painting And Staining Services

    Our Wood Staining Breathes Life And Style Into Your Wood Fittings!

    Now is a great time to take a look at your deck and decide whether it needs sprucing up. CertaPro Painters is pleased to offer premium Tuscaloosa, AL wood staining services that won't just make your deck look fantastic - it'll also protect the wood, as well as potentially changing how the exterior of your home looks!

    Did you know that best practice is to treat your deck every nine to twenty-four months in order to keep your deck well-maintained? There are many good reasons for this, including:

    • Protecting your wood from the ravages of the weather. High sun, thunderous storms and freezing snow are just some of the conditions your wood faces each year.
    • Presenting the natural beauty of the wood, either through its color or the intricate patterns of the grain - paint will simply cover this up.

    If you neglect your deck for too long, it will eventually degrade, affecting the value of your property; severely neglected decks also cost more to fix and repair. By looking after your wooden deck at regular intervals, you can save money and enjoy a beautiful deck.

    That's where we come in. We help hundreds of local homeowners yearly to maintain their deck, giving them quality service that can't be beat:

    • We customize our methods for each project: no one deck is the same, and different woods require different treatments.
    • We power clean your wood before staining it: paint is removed, debris is cleaned off, cracks are sealed and the surface is made as smooth and receptive as possible through sanding prior to the application of the staining agent.
    • We apply the new coat methodically and slowly, ensuring a quality finish
    • We clean up when we're finished, leaving you with a deck that looks as good as new!

    Call CertaPro Painters today and book a free consultation and estimate session with one of our professional painters. We'll come around at a time that's convenient for you and help you choose the right treatment for your deck. Whether you're looking for Tuscaloosa, AL wood painting or wood staining services, you can rely on us to help you make your home beautiful. 

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