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  • Tuscaloosa, AL Power Washing

    Exterior painting teams at CertaPro Painter of Tuscaloosa, AL provide power washing tips and techniques.

    Tuscaloosa, AL Power Washing  

    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL uses various types of power washing techniques to clean the exterior of your home. Tuscaloosa, AL power washing is the first step in preparing your home for exterior painting. Pressure washing works on wood, granite, asphalt, bricks, and aluminum surfaces. The first step to any exterior paint project is to adequately clean the surface area in order to remove any loose paint. This process often involves power washing your home as it is the most time-saving and convenient paint removal method. A power washer uses water from your backyard hose. The water leaves the power washer wand at a flow rate of 2,200 to 3,500 psi—which is incredibly forceful. High pressure washers remove oil and paint from surfaces, which allows for the new coat of paint to adhere better to a wall.

    If you follow these next pressure washing tips and techniques, then your first experience with Tuscaloosa, AL power washing will be flawless. Start by removing shutters, as dust and pollen often collect behind such objects, and closing all windows. Then, connect the pressure washer to the outdoor faucet. Next, practice handling the pressure washer to become more acquainted with the equipment. At this point, you will want to wear goggles to keep paint chips and other debris from getting into your eyes. When washing the walls, start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. The pressure from the power washer will remove loose paint. Make sure to direct the nozzle away from windows as the water pressure could shatter glass. And, most importantly, remember to always work at your own pace.

    The water from the power washers can soak the wall, so make sure to allocate drying time before beginning the painting process. The power washer does not fully remove all of the loose paint particles, so do not forget to hand scrape the wall after the power washing and drying phase. Using an electric power washer is one of the easiest and fastest paint removal techniques. However, removing exterior paint from a home can be a very complex, time-consuming project. The professionals of CertaPro are experts at Tuscaloosa, AL power washing. Give us a call and get your painting project started today!

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