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  • Tuscaloosa, AL Painted Furniture

    Tuscaloosa, AL painting interior furniture services from CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL

    Tuscaloosa, AL Painted FurnitureAt CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL, we believe that a lick of paint can make all furniture and furnishings as good as new. Our Tuscaloosa, AL painted furniture service is ideal for homeowners who have articles of furniture that no longer suit their current home, or who simply just want to upgrade their furniture's look -- without the cost of purchasing new furniture.

    When painting an interior room's walls, one side effect is sometimes that furniture which previously just blended in with a room suddenly looks awkward and out of place. A good Tuscaloosa, AL furniture painting service can help to color coordinate furniture with your walls, giving a room a complete revamp in which all the elements are tied in together, seamlessly.

    • Spray paint: Spray paint is a great choice for a new coat of paint on furniture, offering a clean, crisp new coat with a minimum of fuss. This is the ideal choice if you're just looking for a one-tone coat of paint that's clean and vibrant.
    • Hand painted: While hand painting furniture needs a little more care and love than spray painting, it also has more to offer in the way of versatility. Add depth and interest to your furniture with multiple colors, or even add some motifs and patterns for a really interesting look!

    There are many other options, too. Distressed paintwork can give furniture a "used" look that's also distinctive and elegant, while a choice between matte (non-shiny) and glossy (shiny) paint can make your furniture shine -- or blend in.

    All in all, repainting your furniture is a clever move for a homeowner. It's an affordable way to update the look of furnishing without breaking the bank, and the sheer variety of colors and techniques available make this one home upgrade project that makes a simple, but drastic visual difference in a home.

    For more information about the Tuscaloosa, AL painted furniture service offered by CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL, call us up today! Speak with a friendly representative and book a free initial consultation and estimate session with one of our experienced painters. You'll be able to book an appointment at a time that's great for you, and our painters will help you decide what your furniture really needs in order to shine.

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