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  • Hospitality Industrial Painting Contractor Services

    Maintain a clean, professional image through CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL’s hospitality industrial painting contractor services.

    A Preferred Painting Source For Hospitality Properties

    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL is uniquely qualified to provide top-quality painting services for hotels, motels, inns and residence properties. Whether your needs are to refurbish individual rooms or common areas with a fresh coat, or to complete total color make-overs for an entire property, our scheduling and painting protocols precisely manage every aspect of painting for you. Call CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL if you're looking for an industrial painting contractor who is careful to avoid any disruption to guests, as they work quickly and quietly to refurbish, repaint, and restore beauty to your property.

    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL Industrial Painting Contractor

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    Our Professional Certainty Service System® Delivers Outstanding Hospitality Painting Services

    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL is staffed with people highly proficient in scoping and bidding projects, along with crews that are scalable to meet your needs for quick, quiet, totally unintrusive property painting. Our reasonable pricing stands head and shoulders above anything that you’ve likely experienced before. By choosing CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL, you’ll come to understand that this is a different kind of painting company, a company that provides beautiful painting solutions and on-time, on-budget completions.

    Painting Services that Set High Standards

    CertaPro Painters has grown over the past 20 years to become North America’s largest painting company. Our local affiliates are better trained and better prepared to meet the high expectations you have when you hire painters. Our Certainty Service System® (CSS), a set of procedures and principles that encompass our experience painting hospitality and other commercial properties, ensure that every painting need is identified before our uniformed painters even set foot on your property. Our schedules conform to your requirements. Plus, there’s no mess during the day and a thorough clean-up at the end of every day. By choosing CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL, you’ll come to understand that this is a different kind of painting company, a company that provides on-time completions and beautiful painting solutions.

    Count on Us, CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL






    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL Industrial Painting Contractor Services














    I chose to become the local CertaPro Painters industrial painting contractor because I knew that my services would be top-notch. I start by thoroughly reviewing your requirements and then provide a detailed quotation. We follow all EPA and OHSA regulations and policies and provide a two-year written warranty for paints, coatings and application. You’ll welcome the professional, courteous and careful attention you receive from CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL. Our goal is to arrange hassle-free painting – on time and on budget – that makes everyone happy with the process and its final results. I hope you’ll join with so many other hospitality companies who are happy that they chose a CertaPro Painters industrial painting contractor. Call us today! 

    A partial list of Our Services:

    • Brand adherence – color matching, color consulting and design coordination
    • Flexible schedules – day, evening, overnight and weekend
    • Detailed job and materials proposals
    • Full exterior painting – all substrates including wood, stucco, vinyl and aluminum, block and cement board
    • Interior painting for all common areas, guest rooms, kitchen and restaurant facilities
    • Application of high-durability coatings for floors, walls and high-wear areas requiring long-term painting solutions
    • Repairing and replacing siding, including woodwork, metalwork, stucco, and EIFS – as well as interior drywall, plaster and wood
    • Façade sealant replacement
    • Grout and seal crack repairs, tile replacement
    • Wood replacement and light carpentry
    • Installation of vinyl wall covering
    • Quality Call-Back program to identify any final issues or customer concerns

    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL Industrial Painting Contractor Experience

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