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  • Tuscaloosa, AL Deck Staining

    Tips for Deck Staining and Cleaning from your Residential Painting Company CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL

    Tuscaloosa, AL deck staining is a residential painting project that could change the look of the exterior of your home. The sealant on a deck may last several years without any signs of warping, but sooner or later, the harsh outdoor conditions will weather the deck. Rather than completely replacing a deck altogether, you can properly clean, re-stain the deck with a basic process, and revive the wood back to life. CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL are experts, we have many years of experience in sealing decks. It is incredibly important to take proper care of wooden surfaces as ultraviolet light and moisture can easily damage the wood. Not properly maintaining such wooden surfaces may result in checking, cracking, and warping of the wood. Learn more about re-staining your deck through utilizing the following tips.

    Deck cleaners help remove dirt, pollen, and mildew. First begin by removing staining, mold and old finish with a commercial deck cleaning solution that contains either disodium percarbonate or phosphoric, oxalic or citric acid. These wood cleaners are effective and environmentally-friendly. Do not use bleach for Tuscaloosa, AL deck staining as it is very damaging to wood fibers. Additionally, you will need to power wash the deck to remove any loose debris. For treated lumber, we recommend a 1500 PSI power wash pressure. After cleaning the wood, let the surface dry for two days before applying a stain. After the deck is clean and dry, you are now ready to seal the deck. Make sure to choose a deck stain or sealer that repels water, resists mildew, and prevents the wood from fading. Oil-based finishes require less upkeep. There are three basic types of deck stains currently available on the market: clear, semi-transparent, and opaque stains. A semi-transparent stain is a popular option because it gives a tint to your wood, but still allows you to see the natural grain and texture of the wood. The best method for applying a stain is with a brush on a long handle as this will help with uniformity. Most stains require at least 2-3 hours for drying.

    Do not hesitate on getting your deck re-sealed or re-stained today. CertaPro recommends having a painting crew refinish your wooden deck at least every one and a half to two years. If you need help with Tuscaloosa, AL deck staining or re-painting your deck, give CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL a call today to schedule a free estimate!

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