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  • Calming Paint Colors

    Calming paint colors can make your room feel bigger

    Tuscaloosa, AL Calming Paint ColorsSmall rooms can be challenging to paint. Choose the wrong color, and it'll soon feel even smaller. Not only does paint color affect the perceived size of a room but it also can have a huge effect on mood. Luckily it’s possible to use calming paint colors that also give a room a bigger sense of space.

    Light colors are the perfect choice for giving a room that "bigger" feeling and removing that shoebox feel. The shade is particularly important if you’re looking to transform the smallest room in your home into a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

    Glossy paint, which reflects light, is a great choice since it provides the illusion of space.
    CertaPro also suggests using similar light colors on the floor and ceiling -- this makes the contrast of corners less visible.  Essentially, avoid contrasting colors and embrace harmony in light and mid-tone colors.

    So what calming paint colors should you use? Here are a few popular colors that don't just look good and create a sense of well-being -- they'll also expand your room visually!

    • Green: a restful color, green invokes many positive emotions, such as growth, harmony, safety, and security. This makes it an ideal color for a small home office, especially if you use a light to medium shade. This color is perfect for keeping you focused and relaxed.
    • Blue: the color of the sky and the sea, blue is a fantastic choice for a small room, invoking the great outdoors, as well as reminding us of the calming and tranquil feelings that nature invokes inside us. Pale blues work best here, but mid-tone blues can also work.
    • Neutrals: colors such as gray, beige, cream, and tan are calming paint colors simply because of their neutrality. They also work great with clean white accent lines, adding visual interest to a room without being "in your face". It's a clean, airy backdrop to a quiet meditation session.

    These are just a few colors that work. Why not take a stroll around the area and see what inspiration you can take? You'll soon see plenty of opportunities to give your room the perfect makeover. Keep in mind that light and neutral shades work best.

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