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  • Exterior Paint Schemes

    CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL discusses fresh exterior paint schemes for your home.

    Exterior Paint SchemesTrying new and trendy exterior paint schemes is a great way to freshen the look of a house. You can immediately transform the appearance of your Tuscaloosa, AL home just by painting the trim, shutters, and front door. As a professional painting company, CertaPro Painters strongly believes that incorporating colorful paint accents is not only a wonderful way to enhance your home’s exterior paint schemes, but is also a great way to  boost your home’s curb appeal.

    With that said, CertaPro Painters of Tuscaloosa, AL recommends implementing these fresh colors, which can easily be found at a local painting company, as the exterior accents for your home:

    • Lemon Yellow: Whenever CertaPro Painters thinks of the color yellow, we think of bright, summery, and cheery. Yellow is a great color to use when exterior painting since the color exudes freshness and cheerfulness without being too bold. However, we recommend visiting your local painting company for a few yellow paint samples and then testing out the samples in a small area, on your home, before painting all of your home’s exterior accents in a yellow color. Yellow can be overwhelming, which is why it’s important to find the perfect shade for your home.  
    • Kiwi Green: Cool down this summer by incorporating greens into the design of your home when considering colors for exterior painting. Earthy greens, such as kiwi, pear, and sage are growing in popularity and look fabulous on exterior trims, shutters, and front doors.
    • Peachy Orange: For an even brighter splash of color, opt for a peachy orange to highlight the trim and accents of your home. A home painted in a peach color is deemed as warmhearted and inviting.

    Variations of the paint color, peach, can be found at any local painting company.

    Wouldn’t you agree that any of these fresh colors would surely look great as the accent color of your home’s exterior paint schemes? If you’re interested in having exterior painting in the Tuscaloosa, AL area completed on your home, contact CertaPro Painters to assist you with any of your painting needs.

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